General rules of using the KNIPS online shop

The online defined in the Privacy Policy .


Order placement

shop may be used only by persons who are at least 18 years old.

Anyone under 18 may use the online shop only with the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

Orders are accepted through

The products in the online shop are specifically marked. The website includes information about the features of the products, their prices, materials of which they are made.

While ordering a product, the Customer selects it in a manner specific for that product, defining in particular its size, colour, and, if necessary, providing other specific information and the quantity of the ordered products.

How to buy in the online shop – a detailed guide

Once the Customer chooses a product, the “Add to basket” icon should be clicked.

The product is moved to basket that becomes visible after clicking the basket icon in the upper right corner of the site.

Selecting the “Order” option will launch a page where the Customer should enter data required for the transaction and shipment of the ordered products.

Having selected the shipping method and entered all the required details (including billing details, if necessary), the payment method should be chosen.

The Customer may choose online payment card payment.

The Client places the order by clicking the “Order and Pay” button.

After clicking the “Order and Pay” button, and if the Customer has selected online payment – after making the payment through Paysera, the Customer is redirected to a page confirming the order; from that page, they can either continue shopping or go to order summary.

If online payment is chosen as the payment method (card payment or transfer through Paysera), the payment must be made immediately after the order was placed. If KNIPS participating in the transaction do not receive the payment, the order is considered to have been placed incorrectly, which means that there is no contract and the order will not be processed. If this is the case, the Customer will have to place another order.

At any stage of the order placement, until the payment is made, the Customer can cancel the order by discontinuing the ordering process and leaving the ordering website. An order the placement of which has not been completed will not be processed.

LPP may contact the Customer at the e-mail address or the indicated phone number to clarify any doubt, confirm the order placement or in any other matters connected with order processing.